Car Air Conditioning in Bristol

Your vehicle's air conditioning requires servicing and maintenance as much as any other system within it. The cool air we all love on the hot days is produced by a refrigerant that runs through the system, over time though this refrigerant will leak from the system slowly degrading the quality of your air conditioning.

Air Conditioning Regas & Servicing at Clifton Mews Garage

Fortunately the regassing process is a relatively simple one and will see your air conditioning returned to its former condition. It is important to note that modern vehicles are required to take the new R1234yf gas to conform with environmental regulations.

It is generally recommended that your vehicle receives an air conditioning regas every 2-3 years. This helps to ensure that the system stays running optimally and hygienically as an empty air conditioning system can be prone to bacterial build up. You will also find that whilst fully gassed your air conditioning puts less strain on the engine, helping your vehicle run economically.

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